IndiGo Introduces 6Eskai: The AI-Powered Chatbot Revolutionizing Customer Service

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IndiGo, a prominent name inside the Indian aviation enterprise, has unveiled its modern-day innovation, the AI-powered chatbot named 6Eskai. This forward-looking initiative aims to transform purchaser interactions by supplying seamless query decision and green price ticket booking offerings via an automatic platform.

Enhanced Customer Experience

6Eskai emerges as a modern-day solution designed to decorate patron revel in throughout numerous touchpoints. This AI chatbot is tailored to deal with client inquiries promptly, providing real-time help and simplifying the price tag reserving method, aligning with IndiGo’s dedication to providing a trouble-loose journey.

AI’s Role in Airline Services

The introduction of 6Eskai highlights the growing importance of AI in streamlining airline operations and customer service. Leveraging superior AI generation, IndiGo objectives to optimize its carrier offerings, making sure a more personalised and responsive interaction for passengers.

Efficiency and Accessibility

This AI-powered chatbot operates across the clock, permitting passengers to are trying to find help and book tickets at their convenience. With its consumer-pleasant interface and conversational competencies, 6Eskai offers a convenient and on hand channel for clients to address queries and make bookings effortlessly.

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The Future of Airline Customer Service

IndiGo’s adoption of 6Eskai underscores a shift inside the airline enterprise closer to embracing revolutionary technology to revolutionize customer service. As AI continues to adapt, it becomes an crucial part of airways’ techniques, promising more efficient and responsive purchaser interactions.

Advancing Technological Frontiers

The release of 6Eskai reinforces IndiGo’s commitment to staying at the vanguard of technological advancements within the aviation area. This circulate now not simplest displays the airline’s willpower to offering a superior purchaser experience but additionally showcases its readiness to include emerging technology.


IndiGo’s creation of 6Eskai marks a significant bounce in reshaping airline customer support thru AI-driven solutions. By enforcing this superior chatbot, IndiGo targets to set new benchmarks in customer pleasure, comfort, and accessibility, paving the manner for a greater streamlined and green passenger experience.


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