Nikhil Tuition Classes, Jalandhar: Where Brilliance Meets Success

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Jalandhar, Punjab, has found a beacon of educational brilliance in Nikhil Tuition Classes (NTC).

With over 14 years of teaching expertise,Nikhil Tuition Classes has garnered a stellar reputation as a renowned NEET tuition center. Renowned NEET Tuition. Online & Office Classes. Specialized Coaching in Biology, Chemistry, +1, +2, NEET/CUET, Science, English, B.Sc, B.A/M.A.

Boasting a comprehensive teaching approach, NTC beckons students to explore their potential and succeed academically.

Excellence in NEET Preparation:

NTC takes pride in nurturing aspirants for medical entrance exams like NEET and CUET. Offering extensive preparation and concept clarification through line-to-line teaching, the center ensures students are well-equipped to face the competition confidently.

Specialized Coaching for +1 and +2:

For students in +1 and +2, NTC provides top-notch coaching in Biology, Chemistry, English, History, and Political Science. The focus on concept-building, coupled with regular tests and doubt sessions, instills a strong foundation for academic success.

Holistic Coaching for 9th and 10th Grades:

NTC extends its expertise to younger learners as well, offering coaching in Science, SST, and English for 9th and 10th graders. With a friendly atmosphere and result-oriented teaching, NTC ensures each student’s progress is tracked regularly.

Comprehensive B.Sc Subjects:

For students pursuing B.Sc courses, NTC provides specialized coaching in Zoology and Botany, complemented by comprehensive study notes. The faculty’s proficiency and line-to-line teaching approach ensure in-depth subject understanding.

BA/MA Subjects Coaching:

NTC caters to the academic needs of BA and MA students, offering coaching in English, History, Political Science, and Geography. The focus on clarity of concepts enhances students’ analytical abilities and academic performance.


NEET Study Material and Test Series:

Nikhil Tuition Classes goes the extra mile by providing NEET-specific study material, modules, daily practice papers, and test series to enhance students’ preparation and performance.

Personalized Attention and Career Counseling:

With small batches, NTC ensures each student receives personalized attention, while career counseling helps them make informed choices about their future paths.

Flexible Learning Options:

NTC offers the convenience of both online and offline modes, allowing students to choose the learning environment that suits them best.

Affordable Fee Structure:

Recognizing the importance of accessible education, NTC maintains an affordable fee structure to make quality coaching available to all aspiring learners.

Free Demo Classes:

Prospective students can experience NTC’s teaching approach firsthand through free demo classes, providing valuable insights into the center’s methodology and style.


Nikhil Tuition Classes in Jalandhar stands as a beacon of academic excellence, guiding students toward a promising future. With a highly qualified, experienced, and caring staff, NTC fosters an environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. Empowering Success: Nikhil Tuition Classes, Whether preparing for NEET, board exams, or higher studies, NTC is a trusted partner in every student’s educational journey.

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