Instagram’s New Feature: Song Display Lyrics in Reels

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Instagram has brought an interesting new feature that gives musical detail to your Reels. Now, you can display tune lyrics along your films, making your content cloth material more attractive and exciting. In this article, we’re able to guide you on a way to use this feature efficiently.

Adding Song Display Lyrics to Your Reels

1. Choose Your Song: To get began out, open the Instagram app and swipe proper to get admission to the digital camera. Then, pick out the reel choice. Now, pick out the music you want to symbolize on your Reel.

2. Lyrics Feature: Once you have got got decided your track, you can see a Lyrics possibility on the left element of the show display screen. Tap on it.

3. Lyrics Style: Instagram gives diverse styles for displaying lyrics. You can pick out from Karaoke, Traditional, or Typewriter. Select the style that suits your video.

4. Positioning and Font: Next, you may regulate the positioning of the lyrics for your video. You can also choose the font that enhances your content material fabric.

5. Recording Your Reel: With the lyrics fashion and positioning set, you can begin recording your Reel. As you file, the lyrics will seem on the show display in sync with the music.

6. Edit and Share: After recording, you can edit your Reel similarly. Add stickers, textual content, or other modern factors. Once you’re satisfied with your video, you could proportion it collectively with your enthusiasts.

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Tips for Using Song Display Lyrics Effectively

– Choose Relevant Lyrics: Select lyrics that go properly with the subject or message of your Reel. This can beautify the impact of your video.

– Engage with the Beat: Create dynamic movies that interact with the rhythm of the track. This will make your Reel greater visually appealing.

– Experiment with Styles: Try specific lyric styles to look at which one enhances your content material fabric cloth high-quality.

– Tell a Story: Use the lyrics to tell a tale or deliver a message. This may want to make your Reel extra sizeable.

– Add Visual Effects: Combine lyrics with seen results, stickers, and filters to make your Reel stand out.


Instagram’s new feature that permits you to show tune lyrics on your Reels gives a laugh and innovative detail to your movement photos. By following the steps referred to above and experimenting with various patterns, you may beautify the pleasure and attraction of your content material material. So, start the use of this selection to make your Reels more exciting and appealing to your audience.

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